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20 Jan 2014 14:46 #18780 by ontheball
Replied by ontheball on topic Global Invacom
Hi Joseph Yeo,

Thanks for replying to my tongue-in-cheek message.

I am fully with you on your philosophy of investing. About 3 years ago, I almost lost all my money on the stock market due to my inexperience. I couldn't tell then the difference between gambling and investing. I was truly the "dumb money" in the market. For a short period of time after that, I fell into a state of depression and one fine day, when I was at my lowest, I came across "the Tao of Warren Buffett" and I read it because I didn't know where else to turn to. For the first time in my life, my eyes were opened to the countless mistakes I had made. That simple book inspired me to read every investment book I could get my hands on and it was a life changing experience. The most important thing I learned was that I had to understand myself and my relationship with the market. I also learned to be much more patient. I have now adopt the mantra "Knowledge and patience". You mentioned before that your trading style is "deep n narrow". Mine has become the same too. I have 3 stocks (Midas, Nam Cheong and Kreuz) that constitute 80% of my total holdings. The remaining 20% is for me to experiment with new stocks. Like you, I watch my mainstay like a hawk.
I read a lot of what you wrote on this site and they are exactly what I believe in. I am still quite inexperience in stock investing and it's a great privilege to learn from people like you who have great wisdom and experience in this area.
This is a great site and it's very enriching to be able to read all the diverse opinions and to think for ourselves what is right or wrong. I also see that many of the people here have great passion for stocks and I can relate to that.

Have fun and adios for now.
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23 Jan 2014 11:19 - 28 Jan 2014 10:19 #18848 by observer2
Replied by observer2 on topic Global Invacom

Any analyst covers this stock>?

Hi. Yeh, Reck & Josephyeo.

Voyage Research has a detailed analysis of Global Invacom in September 2013 – see link below


Some strong and weak points on the stock:
Strong Points:
1. Fairly good FA – little debt and good cash pile; discount to NAV; low forward PE
2. Good TA – consolidating between 19 & 20 cents range since mid-Sept 2013; nice Bollinger Band awaiting a breakout. Stock manages to break through its resistance level of 20/20.5 cts yesterday on a volume of over 3.9 million shares.
3. Psychological Analysis – few people interested or take notice presently
4. Company is growing or expanding its business
5. Relatively low downside risk at 20 cts (good margin of safety)

Weak Points:
1. Expansion plans may easily exhaust its cash pile & go into fund raising or debt financing
2. Insufficient track record to show management’s ability to increase & sustain company’s revenue & profit through expansion plans

Vested at 19.9 cts for the short term in anticipation of release of a good set of full year’s result in the forthcoming reporting season.
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24 Jan 2014 13:47 #18870 by yeng
Replied by yeng on topic Global Invacom
The Voyage report is comprehensive and bullish. Thank you Observer2. I am pretty convinced now that this Joey stock will also be v rewarding.

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28 Jan 2014 01:14 #18902 by yeng
Replied by yeng on topic Global Invacom
omg, on a day when many stocks were in the red by a fat margin, Global Invacom actually is green and has reached 27 cents! Thank you Joey!

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29 Jan 2014 02:18 #18915 by Mel
Replied by Mel on topic Global Invacom

Will Global Invacom reply as follows?
"Dear SGX, we have no idea of any reason for the hectic trading and the rise and rise in the share price of our company. But, wait a minute, perhaps we can say that we have noted the postings on NextInsight of a Joseph Yeo who has correctly analysed our company's robust fundamentals and they have won a following among the forumers and other readers. We thank Joe and we will report our results shortly."

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29 Jan 2014 04:49 #18917 by josephyeo
Replied by josephyeo on topic Global Invacom
Hi Del n yeh,

You are most welcome. Hope both of you make a lot of money.

Take care n have a blessed new year.
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