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The information below is extracted from analyst reports. The target prices are set by analysts with, typically, a 12-month time frame in mind. No, they are not cast in stone: You can expect them to be revised as new business developments materialise. 

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Valuation method

Food Empire 12 Nov RHB $0.54 $0.73 Buy  
DBS 12 Nov RHB $26.62 $25.80 Neutral GGM
ST Engineering 12 Nov RHB $4.00 $4.55 Buy Blended
Frencken Group 11 Nov RHB $0.76 $0.82 Buy DCF
Riverstone Holdings 11 Nov CGS CIMB $0.99 $1.25 Add P/E
HR Networks 11 Nov CGS CIMB $0.60 $0.83 Add P/E
Venture 11 Nov Maybank Kim Eng $16.60 $16.91 Hold ROE-g/COE-g
First Reit 8 Nov CGS CIMB $1.05 $1.20 Add DDM
Penguin 8 Nov CGS CIMB $0.66 $0.81 Add BV/Share
CSE Global 8 Nov UOB Kayhian $0.53 $0.70 Buy P/E
Genting Singapore 8 Nov Maybank Kim Eng $0.96 $0.99 Hold EV/EBITDA
Frencken Group 7 Nov CGS CIMB $0.72 $0.94 Add  P/E
SIA 7 Nov OCBC $9.18 $10.46 Buy  
ARA US Hospitality Trust 7 Nov UOB Kayhian US$0.86 US$1.16 Buy DDM
AVI Tech 7 Nov RHB $0.35 $0.41 Buy DCF
Koufu 6 Nov UOB Kayhian $0.77 $0.95 Buy P/E
Starhub 6 Nov CGS CIMB $1.32 $1.65 Add DCF
OCBC 6 Nov Maybank Kim Eng $11.07 $11.26 Hold DDM
Capitaland 6 Nov RHB $3.69 $4.20 Buy RNAV
SingPost 5 Nov UOB Kayhian $0.955 $1.04 Hold SOTP
SIA Engineering 5 Nov UOB Kayhian $2.77 $3.13 Buy P/E
Manulife US Reit 5 Nov RHB US$0.92 US$1.00 Buy  
NetLink BNB Trust 4 Nov UOB Kayhian $0.935 $1.01 Buy DCF
UOB 4 Nov Maybank Kim Eng $26.57 $30.50 Buy DDM
Ascendas Reit 4 Nov RHB $3.00 $3.17 Neutral DDM
China Aviation Oil 4 Nov RHB $1.23 $1.55 Buy P/E
Singapore Post 2 Nov CGS CIMB $0.97 $1.13 Add DCF
UOB 1 Nov CGS CIMB $26.83 $29.54 Add GGM
Sheng Siong Group 1 Nov UOB Kayhian $1.17 $1.27 Hold P/E
Parkway Life Reit 1 Nov UOB Kayhian $3.24 $3.58 Buy DDM
Japfa 1 Nov UOB Kayhian $0.49 $0.50 Hold SOTP


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0 #13 SCT 2019-07-09 12:17
It would be useful if % of potential upside / downside is appended besides target price.
-1 #12 Kingsley Lucas Lim 2018-08-22 09:34
I have come to a point in my investing life where analyst ratings, reports can be quite meaningless to the investor who wants to produce alpha in his portfolio.

In any case, thank you for the efforts!

+1 #11 Alvinthegreatwhatthe 2018-03-24 11:16
Does this take into account corrections and fears?
+1 #10 Rubber 2015-11-12 23:09
Riverstone will move forward to sin2.60 before bonus exdata.
+5 #9 apini21 2015-07-16 15:37
How about using EV/EBIT to decide the point of entry. My criteria is less than 8 ,net cash , DY>4 . Silverlake , HLS and valuetronics are my picks
-6 #8 Dawn 2015-06-06 10:27
PeterLimPeter: How accurate are your calls? I would like to invest with you if it's more accurate than analysts. :lol:
+4 #7 petertlimpeter 2015-06-05 12:35
Most analyst call are off target by thousand km. Please don't listen to these people who go by data which are history from market point of view.
+2 #6 youngtay 2015-05-17 20:02
Congratulation for the new web page, it is very structured and informative. YOUNGtay
+1 #5 Richard-Ng 2014-06-06 10:12
I think the date for "Midas" and "Venture" is wrong, should be 5th June (and not 5th May) right? ;-)
0 #4 Kit Whye 2012-11-10 12:19
Using SOTP or RNAV to set target price means looking at its assets rather than earnings. Using PE will be a better gauge for companies like SembMarine where there is not much fixed assets used to generate revenue. So, if you look at analysts using PE, the target price is still on the high side because either the EPS is on the upper range, or the PE used is on the high side or both. As for me, I used a more conservative PE and EPS. If SembMarine EPS come in at 25 cents this year, and using a PE of 12x, then its target price should be 3.00. But if it maintain its 20 cents dividend despite poor results, its dividend yield at target price of 3.00 is 6.7%. If most STI component dividend yield is currently at 4%, then SembMarine target is likely to be at 5.00. Hence there is a range of 3.00 to 5.00 where target price could be set. So, I will buy somewhere in between, ie 4.00 or lower

Share Prices

Counter NameLastChange
AEM Holdings1.7900.080
Avi-Tech Electronics0.3800.005
Best World Int.1.360-
China Sunsine1.0400.010
CNMC GoldMine0.2650.005
CSE Global0.5350.005
Eagle HTrust USD0.465-
Food Empire0.5900.050
Golden Energy0.1700.003
GSS Energy0.103-
ISDN Holdings0.2200.005
JB Foods0.650-
KSH Holdings0.4700.005
Moya Asia0.0710.001
Nordic Group0.280-
Oxley Holdings0.340-0.005
REX International0.189-0.010
Sing Holdings0.385-0.005
Straco Corp.0.720-0.010
Sunningdale Tech1.2500.010
Sunpower Group0.5350.010
The Trendlines0.091-0.001
Tiong Seng0.205-
Uni-Asia Group0.730-
Yangzijiang Shipbldg0.980-

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