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10 Nov 2013 14:03 #17509 by Rich
Replied by Rich on topic Global Invacom
It's a cheap buy at 19.6 cents!

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12 Nov 2013 16:10 #17567 by yeng
Replied by yeng on topic Global Invacom
Any analyst covers this stock>?

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13 Nov 2013 23:43 #17645 by josephyeo
Replied by josephyeo on topic Global Invacom
Below is a press release from G.Invacom

SGX-Listed Global Invacom
Secures Substantial Repeat Contract Worth
US$16.0 Million From Asian Broadcaster

DMG & Partners Securities Pte Ltd (“DMG”) was the financial adviser to Global
Invacom Group Limited in relation to the acquisition of Global Invacom Holdings
Limited. DMG assumes no responsibility for the contents of this press release.

Singapore, 13 November, 2013 –Global Invacom Group Limited (“Global
Invacom” or “the Group”) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary,
Global Invacom Sdn Bhd (“GISB”), has secured a repeat contract worth
approximately US$16.0 million, to supply satellite communications (“Sat
Comms”) equipment and related services to a major Asian Broadcaster.

SGX Mainboard-listed Global Invacom, a fully integrated Sat Comms equipment
provider, will supply the broadcaster with the infrastructure for its subscribers
to receive satellite signals and view High-Definition television. The bulk of the
repeat contract is expected to be recognised in revenue in the financial year
ending 31 December 2014 (“FY2014”).

The first contract – which ran from December 2012 to August 2013 – valued at
US$16.0 million, contributed significantly to the Group’s revenue for the six
months ended 30 June 2013 (“1H FY2013”).

The Group recorded US$3.4 million net profit for 1H FY2013 on the back of
US$55.3 million revenue which was 78.9% higher than the same period a year
earlier. As announced earlier, Malaysia-based GISB, which is responsible for
meeting the large Asian order, has scaled up its operations from sub-assembly to
manufacturing so as to improve efficiency and flexible capacity following receipt
of the first contract.

The first contract, awarded to the Group during the fourth quarter of FY2012,
was the single-largest deal secured in Asia by Global Invacom and was its first
significant business customer win since its reverse takeover (“RTO”) completed
in July 2012. The transaction has been a major boost to Global Invacom’s
strategy to expand in the Asia Pacific.

“The repeat order underscores the broadcaster’s faith in Global Invacom’s
services and products. As we escalate the capability and capacity of our
Malaysian operations, the Group will have an alternative to its manufacturing
activities in China that allows us to enlarge our value proposition to support
larger orders,” said Mr Tony Taylor, Executive Chairman of Global Invacom.
“We are pleased to have built strong relations with such a major Asian
broadcaster as part of Global Invacom’s Asia-Pacific growth strategy and will
continue to seek similar opportunities to enhance shareholder value,” he added.

........... end of press release ..........

This company looks interesting :

1. improving top n bottom line

2. trading below nta (nta US$0.2496 against currentprice os S$0.205 at time of posting)

3. negligible debt - US$199,000 and net cash - US$24,016,000

4. active share buy back ...

800000 shares on 16 oct'13 @ 19.7 cts

800000 shares on 17 oct'13 @ 19.8 cts

1,000,000 shares on 18 oct'13 @ 19.6

1,400,000 shares on 21 oct'13 @ 19.6

see links for details





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18 Jan 2014 16:37 #18768 by Rich
Replied by Rich on topic Global Invacom
Joseph Yeo, you are still maintaining your view on Global Invacom? Will this be another Joey multi-bagger after Sunningdale and Federal? :P

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18 Jan 2014 16:56 - 18 Jan 2014 17:09 #18769 by ontheball
Replied by ontheball on topic Global Invacom
I think we have all fallen helplessly under the spell of Joseph Yeo due to his uncanny talent for picking winners and honestly, I've also been asking myself if I should go for GI before it's price blasts off like the rest of his recommended beauties.

Joseph Yeo, in case you haven't noticed, your fan base on this site is growing by the day and we groupies hang on to every word you say. lol. I seriously think you need to start a fan club and charge a membership fee and make gazillions...

Anyway, on a serious note, you have too good a track record for me not to trust your instincts and analysis. Guess I'm in.
Last edit: 18 Jan 2014 17:09 by ontheball.
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20 Jan 2014 05:27 - 20 Jan 2014 05:38 #18778 by josephyeo
Replied by josephyeo on topic Global Invacom
Hi ontheball, many thanks for your encouragement n compliments. I appreciate it very much.

Investment is a very trickly process and it is not possible to be right all the time. There may be times when you can invest with certainly but that's not always the case. So i will appreciate if you do your own analysis n draw your own conclusion because I can't be sure when i would be wrong.

The key point in all my investment is to identify or establish a factual story line and as long as the story line stay my decision stay but will change when the story line change. Sunningdale n Federal are examples of such story lines where it was clear that there was a mispricing of the stock. So should one does his own analysis, stick close to the story line and one should be fine most of the time. The story line is the reasons why one buy into the company. Hope you find the pointer helpful.

I wish you and other well wishes all the best.
Cheers! And let's look forward to a great 2014.

ps : So far we have been blessed with 2 good calls ... Federal n Sunningdale and a fair call for Valuetronics which is up by 10%.
Last edit: 20 Jan 2014 05:38 by josephyeo. Reason: grammar, spelling

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