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Photos by Geraldine of Make Your Calories Count

MYCC would like to introduce our new guest writer Geraldine!

Geraldine firmly believes that desserts make a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner. A lawyer by profession who has had almost a year of journalistic experience with an established food magazine in Singapore, she can usually be found hanging out with friends over a glass of champagne and a platter of cold cuts and cheeses..

The Artisan's Apron was founded in May 2015 by two sisters, Nat and Val. Having earned a reputation from baking cakes, cookies and tarts for dessert tables and special occasions, Nat has accumulated several years of baking experience under her belt. Val on the other hand, with her background in Life Sciences, contributes her knowledge in food and health sciences to creating healthy yet still mouthwatering desserts.

Before you brush them off as just another start-up bakery with an online presence, credit should be given where it's due: the birth of The Artisan's Apron stemmed from their well-meaning desire that the joy of gifting heartfelt quality treats that are homemade and beautifully decorated should be made available to all those who care. And we definitely do.

We had the privilege of giving our taste buds a treat with the Earl Grey Chiffon Cupcakes and the Citrus Mint Chiffon Cupcakes (S$4.50 each).

The term "chiffon" never fails to bring to mind the textural qualities of softness and an ethereal cloudlike fluffiness. And we are happy to report that the cake bases we have tried are indeed, extremely worthy of its namesake. When we first bit into the cupcakes, we were surprised at how light and tender they were. Mind you, we were having these cupcakes after a heavy dinner of meats and cheeses, but we managed to polish off four between the two of us.

IMG 0542

First up is the Earl Grey Chiffon Cupcakes. The Earl Grey flavour was distinct in every bite but was nowhere near overpowering. Topped with a Swiss meringue buttercream – known for being light and smooth, sans the clobbering sweetness of its other frosting counterparts – this had a well-balanced overall taste profile only experienced by us with Plain Vanilla's cupcakes.

The Citrus Mint version is refreshing with an underlying tanginess from the zest, but we felt that the flavours could be more assertive. We were told that these are "healthier" versions as the cupcakes are crowned by less frosting and thus, sport a lesser icing to cake ratio. But after tasting the buttercream, we think that a dollop or two more would likely be welcomed by us!

IMG 0550

For other flavours available for order, do check out The Artisan's Apron's website, Facebook page and Instagram accounts. They are also open to taking customized orders and business to business orders.


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