19 May 2014 19:28 #19932 by ZEN
Replied by ZEN on topic MIDAS HOLDINGS
Aiya .. you 3 clowns don't come here talk cock with me lah !!!!!

Xd means pocket dividend in bank. 3 , 4 or 5 days I don't care !
Who care XD is still there or not .

1 simple question I asked . These jokers nobody dare to answer .Only can fart here ! Tell me something new , please !!!!!!

Tell me the next stock and sector with 101% confidence that will surge up !!! If you can't , then go fly kite !!!!
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19 May 2014 20:08 #19933 by BetterPrice2013
Replied by BetterPrice2013 on topic MIDAS HOLDINGS

Where are the 3 clones ? Betterprice, fairperson and mr subarrashii and whatever ...

XD so long already , yet today still 0.455 ???

Can help bring down the share price or not ??!!!!

Zen : Be Patient. Today ONLY XD third trading day only. The XD remarks still appear beside MIDAS counter. You call this XD so long already. Never even know this, how you monitor this counter??? You always like to make this kind of posting to embarrass yourself to entertain the readers of this forum.

BetterPrice2013: Simple fact like XD how many days already he don't even know, maybe he is not only 瞎子摸象, but he is just NOT SUITABLE for stock.

FairPerson: You are right his is not suitable for stock and once his is agitated, he starts to use funny words which nobody else in this forum will use. I have not seen anyone else uses such words in this forum expect him.

Today is the third trading day after XD with XD remarks is appear on MIDAS counter, he call this long. THE WORST THING about this person is he keep changing his word, now he say he don't care how many days after XD he still call it so long. What kind of logic reasoning...???

No point telling him which stocks to buy since he is not suitable for stock.
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19 May 2014 20:14 #19934 by ZEN
Replied by ZEN on topic MIDAS HOLDINGS
hello clown !!! XD is XD . Who cares is it 1 or day or 3 days ???!!! Does it matter ?

People say XD already fall to 44c or 40c , I am still waiting !!!

Lastly , people like you don't know say don't know lah !!!

Say no point telling people what stock to buy !!! Who you want to kid here ??!!

I won't laugh at you !!!

Just tell me the stock , simple question . Price target . Time frame .

Don't come and talk cock here ! If you cannot name it then F.O !!!
The topic has been locked.
19 May 2014 20:19 #19935 by ZEN
Replied by ZEN on topic MIDAS HOLDINGS
also the 3 clowns , if you can name the stock .

Tell me the percentage return possible . Don't come tell me 3-5% . I better put in CPF or REIT , I can get 5% guaranteed.

Tell me a stock with potential return at least 12-20% .

State it here , today . So that we can see who is blowing hot air here !!!
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20 May 2014 11:43 #19937 by cheongsl
Replied by cheongsl on topic MIDAS HOLDINGS
The Board of Directors of Midas Holdings Limited (the "Company") is pleased to announce that the
Company intends to issue S$75,000,000 6.00 per cent. fixed rate notes due 2016 (the "Notes"). The
Notes will be issued under the S$500,000,000 Multicurrency Medium Term Note Programme
established by the Company on 2 October 2013 (the "MTN Programme"). DBS Bank Ltd. and The
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited have been appointed to act as the joint lead
managers and joint bookrunners for the issue of the Notes.
The Notes were offered pursuant to exemptions invoked under Sections 274 and/or 275 of the
Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore.
The Company has priced the offering of the Notes and the principal terms of the Notes are as follows:
Issue size: S$75,000,000
Issue Price: 100% of the principal amount of the Notes
Interest: 6.00 per cent. per annum
Maturity Date: 2.5 years from the date of issue
The closing date for the issue of the Notes is currently expected to be on or about 28 May 2014.

Borrowing continue, paying 6% for the borrowing for dividend only 1%
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20 May 2014 19:13 #19942 by FairPerson
Replied by FairPerson on topic MIDAS HOLDINGS
BetterPrice2013: 象他那种irreponsible postings,给人讲到哑口无言就转移话题,用funny words骂人,用激将法想要骗你说what stock to buy,我绝对不会上当。 只有没素养,没文化,没水准的人才会用这种方法!

Good, hit 44 cents already.
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