life beginsImage: InternetI am 40 now. Was just looking back and rewinding back at my life.

From 25 years of age to 37 years, was working at a break neck pace, clocking in 18 hour days for most days in a week. A lot of times, when I reached home, everyone is asleep already.

People my age are wondering why I was working so hard and living such a frugal life.

At 37 years old, I decided that i needed to spend more time with my family and loved ones, thus worked 3.5 days a week.

True, I have achieved financial independence within 12 years of working but alas, i have also sacrificed family time in doing so.

I guess I need to make up good for the lost time. Hopefully, its not too late.

Life is like a game, you win some and you lose some.

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AnonymousPaul, what job is that? That's long.

Paul: Lots of sai gang n odd jobs (let me keep some privacy), but looking back, it seemed memorable to me now. I never could imagine myself working those long hours now. I will be dead!

Singapore Man of Leisure: No wonder you understood me when I said: Success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it.

Paul: Yeah. With sadness in me, i have to admit so. Not sure if i had to live life over again, i would exchange youth for money in such insane ways. 

Think back now, without money i might even be lol

Smol...i think i have come or nearly come one complete cycle. Now i dont prefer the latest big car...i prefer an old car without auto gear and without power windows.
Simply simplicity.

LKH: So what is your networth now? if you are comfortable to share :)

Paul: If u are observant, look at the annual reports and read my blog closely, you will get some clue.

LKH: hmm...let me make a guess. Roughly 1 mil per stock in your portfolio. Some stocks you are just buying into it, my guess is 10 millions :)

Roughly how long you take to accumulate each stock? 6 months? if you buy aggressively, it will cause a surge in the stock price.

And you are always 100% vested with no war chest right? I know you reinvest your dividends every now and then.

Thks for sharing your experience as it help me to chart my path forward.

i have much to learn from you. :)


Paul's portfolio as of 22 Oct 2015:



ParkwayLife REIT

Suntec REIT

Nam Lee Metal

Tai Sin Electric



Singapore Reinsurance

ST Engg



Stamford Land


Lian Beng

Noel Gifts


See previous story: 

Paul: well...

it might take me many mths to buy into an illiquid counter. I prefer not to force my way in as that would mean paying a premium. prefer to wait for people to sell to me.

yes, you can say 100% vested. cos anyway I collect dividends very regularly so that itself can be used as emergency funds if need be. so if no need to use, the simplest way would be just to reinvest them.

we learn from each other one knows everything, right?

LKH: You are such a humble person. Have you thought of putting some of ur assets into property? Or maybe you have already own some properties on hand which you did not blog about here.

Paul: Yes. I have some. I also own have an antique collection.
U have a blog too? Let me know.

LKH: Sorry, i do not have a blog. We are same age i think, born in the year of 75. I also started work from 25 yrs old, after graduating from local uni. so i think we started on the same line, but you are running much ahead of me :)

I am 40% in cash, so i wonder what is the best way to deploy my cash.

Paul:: Hi Lkh
U flatter me lar. My stock portfolio not so big lar.
Anyway..everything comes with a price. U see me good. I see u good. Sometimes i wish perhaps i din press myself so hard in the earlier start up years. Missed the stage where my children were toddlers. Money cant buy those back.

Anonymous: Saw your names in a few annual reports. I estimate your stock net worth at least 10mil. With properties and other stuff, my guess is that your total net could be 20-40mil or even more.

Createwealth8888: Although I didn't work long hours; but in end 1999 I realized that getting out of rat race is better for me i.e. make my money works harder and I work lesser. :-)

Paul: Hi cw8888

U r rite. Having tasted having 120 hr work week then and 25 hr work week now, i think money is impt but not everything. Unfortunately in s'pore everything is money money n money. Lots of pple invest in stks n buy toto 4 D in hope to get freedom. Bo lui ae si kinda thinking. How to not thinking of making more money. Kopi 10years ago 60c. Now 110c.

Kyith: oh congrats. enjoy a good rest.

Paul: Thanks. I will. 

My family complains i sleep too much in the day time.

My 15HWW: Hi Paul,

I always wonder if taking a breather at my age (29) is a better strategy than chionging all the way till 35/40. Semi-retire earlier or full-retirement later... hmm...

Paul: My original thinking was to quickily accumulate when young then let compoundation take over. When old 1) time less 2) less stamina to tahan woek++. Now I got it. But now i cannot buy back what i have lost.

So i guess u win some u lose some...

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#2 SWJ 2015-11-04 21:37
re quote by Paul: "Having tasted having 120 hr work week then and 25 hr work week now, i think money is impt but not everything"

Is the figure right? I20 hrs a week is average of 17 hours a day, 7 days a week. How can? I pengsan liao.
#1 lotustpsll 2015-11-03 22:34
Within the simplistic comments in response to queries and the short story and after reading Paul's blog, I can only say that we can learn a lot from this man. His vision of financial independence and his financial and investing acumen are evident that he is a financial guru. This shows that investing style should not be complex, simplicity, common sense approach supported by right mental attitude will yield good results in the long run.

From a tough life to riches - he has done well to provide financial security to himself and his family..

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