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SINGAPORE-BASED INVESTOR Jim Rogers, famous for his ultra pessimistic outlook on the US dollar, says now is not the time to invest in Chinese shares or property.

Instead he’s waiting for the "collapse” of the A-share markets before jumping in.

The American investor, who has called Singapore home since 2007 and is best known for co-founding the Quantum Fund with George Soros, recently spoke at a China-themed investment conference.

He said he was still sitting on the sidelines China’s A-share markets as he felt there was more air to be let out of the balloon before he would jump in in earnest.

The high-profile investor also said he was continuing to calmly watch for opportunities in the PRC property market.

“Everyone wants to know which investment portfolio can protect their savings while also providing income into the future,” he said.

As for China’s A-shares listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen, Rogers said he was continuing to keep a close eye on opportunities but that so far he wasn’t keen on buying until "after a continued decline and collapse” of the equities market.

The US investor said that when signs of this began to appear, he would start looking for bargains and high growth potential counters and then turn them over to his two daughters for safekeeping.

His 2009 book A Gift To My Children explained why he planned to use his daughters to oversee his investments and also contains valuable investing tips and strategies for would-be shareholders.

Jim Rogers is bullish on alternative energy including solar, wind and hydro.
Photos: Solargiga

Two years ago Rogers send shockwaves through the global investment community during a speech at Oxford – his alma mater – during the height of the financial crisis.

He encouraged students at the iconic British university to give up dreams of building their careers on Wall Street or Fleet Street and instead to groom themselves for jobs in mining and agriculture.

“The power is shifting again from the financial centers to the producers of real goods. The place to be is in commodities, raw materials, natural resources,” he said at the time.

Indeed, one only need look to the tremendous wealth that Australia has generated over the past decade, fueled in large part by insatiable demand for iron ore, copper and a whole range of foodstuffs from Mainland China.

Last year, the Baltimore-born investor announced that he had established The Rogers Global Resources Equity Index which officially aims to "focus on the top companies in agriculture, mining, metals and energy sectors as well as those in the alternative energy space including solar, wind and hydro.“

“Over the next 20 to 30 years, I think it would be wise to buy some farms or paddies in China as in the country’s future, agriculture will be an even more critical and promising sector.

“We can also clearly see from Beijing’s helping hand that official policy is very supportive of the further development of agriculture in Mainland China,” Rogers said.

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#2 icann 2012-11-24 08:38
"The stock market may hit new lows this year or the next as the current rally has been largely caused by the money printed by central banks and fundamental problems remain unsolved," legendary investor Jim Rogers told CNBC Wednesday.
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only boast u are one of the world's richest man like warren buffett.

the past is history. it may or may not happen again. The stock market may hit new lows this year or the next as the current rally has been largely caused by the money printed by central banks and fundamental problems remain unsolved, legendary investor Jim Rogers told CNBC Wednesday.

The price of oil is also likely to remain high despite the fact that the recession is taking its toll on demand, he said.


Europe has a few bad, bankrupt states, so does America. We've got Illinois which is bigger than Greece, we've got California, we've got New York, you know those are pretty big states that have serious economic problems. We have pension plans in America that are terribly under water," Rogers told CNBC on Tuesday.

According to Rogers, the U.S. has deeper structural problems than Europe as well as higher debt levels.

"Europe's got some bad problems but the entity as a whole is not nearly as deep in debt as the U.S. They don't have a huge balance of trade deficit, like we do," Rogers said.

"You know supplies worldwide are declining at the rate of anywhere from 4 to 6 percent a year, yes, demand is down at the moment but in longer term, unless somebody discovers a lot of oil very quickly, the surprise is going to be how high the price of oil stays, and how high it eventually goes," Rogers added

-May 20, 2009


"I would expect there to be a currency crisis or a semi-crisis this fall or next year. It's crony capitalism, Bernanke and Greenspan have brought crony capitalism to America … but that's not going to solve the world's problems. How can the solution for debt and consumption be more debt and more consumption? How can that be the solution to our problems?," Jim Rogers told CNBC Monday.

"I'd rather be a farmer than a stockbroker for the next couple of years," he said. "No-one you went to school with became a farmer... so we have a shortage of farmers." Rogers, who lives in ethnically Chinese Singapore, co-founded the Quantum Fund in 1970.


of course, u have a right to say whatever u think but u must remember of what u say will influence others.

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