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if you look back at my midas postings . first post to accumulate was when MIDAS suffered first dropped to about 31c ... i said BUY .. then it rallied to about 40c . i took profit
Then  it went back down to 35c and lower , i bought and accumulate on the way .
Now it is a revival time for ex market darling - MIDAS
[garl 24-07-2012]:

Zen , you are a good cheerleader for Midas. I think it was you who first highlighted Midas in this forum. At that time, the price was a bit high at 40-45 cents???? My friends decided to buy in at 30-33 after doing some DD
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another day to close at 36.5 to 37c range under heavy accumulation .
Once the whole market turn bullish MIDAS should rally like nobody business
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25th july , 2012
China will have established a high-speed railway network covering almost all its cities with a population of more than 500,000 by 2015, according to a latest official program.
The State Council, or China's cabinet, late Tuesday issued a plan for building a comprehensive transportation network during the 2011-2015 period.

According to the plan, China should basically complete the construction of a high-speed railway network with a total operating length of more than 40,000 kilometers by the end of 2015.

Analysts expect China's railway equipment manufacturing industry will see rapid growth.

"We forecast the country's railway construction will accelerate and the investment in the construction will also speed up in the next few years," according to Sinolink Securities Co., a Chinese brokerage company.
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accumulation phase abit too long already . Isn't it time for next rally ..
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Hey Zen, I think Midas cannot break thru 40 cents until a sizeable contract for high-speed rail project is clinched.
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30th july , 2012
China announced a jump in planned railway spending and the State Council called for private investment in utilities and health care as Premier Wen Jiabao tries to reverse an economic slowdown.
The Ministry of Railways, the nation’s largest corporate debt issuer, plans to spend 470 billion yuan ($74 billion) on railroads and bridges this year, according to a bond prospectus issued yesterday. That’s the second increase in July, making a combined gain of about 14 percent from the previous figure.
The new target exceeds last year’s 461 billion yuan in spending and follows Wen’s July 10 comments that promoting investment growth is the key now to stabilizing an expansion that decelerated to 7.6 percent last quarter, a three-year low. At the same time, Chinese officials are signaling the slowdown isn’t deep enough to warrant a return to the 700 billion-yuan level of railway-construction funds in 2010.
“China is selectively upscaling the stimulus,” said Lu Zhengwei , chief economist with Industrial Bank Co. in Shanghai . “Premier Wen Jiabao said China will do something to boost confidence, and this is fresh evidence.”
The 470 billion yuan figure yesterday was 4.8 percent higher than a ministry figure cited in a July 6 statement by the Anhui provincial economic planning agency, which indicated a 9 percent increase from a previous number
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