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ck_in_action_seminarC.K. Ee has delivered numerous seminars on the market at leading financial and academic institutions.

Asia Charts' clients received an alert last year that pointed to an impending run-up on Best World International's share price.

There is evidence for that alert: Click on this link for the edm that was sent to clients and watch the video below.

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A line from that email alert said: "... in the middle of April our proprietary trading system picked up something unusual and alerted us to get ready to buy the stock. That was on 7th April 2016. And true enough, the stock eventually started to run in May..."

Then there was Sino Grandness. Check out the video on Sino Grandness sent before it made a 75% run-up last year.

Now, you may be wondering if it is just pure "luck."

"The truth is that with a good trading system, you can easily generate plenty of the same results," says C.K. Ee, one of the most seasoned teachers of technical analysis around.

From C.K. here's one more stock -- China Aviation Oil -- and his video that has led to handsome profits for his clients. 

Value investors would have recognised these stocks as being attractive then. With technical analysis, their confidence would have been strengthened.

C.K. is holding two seminars to explain his trading system. You can sign up for free. 

Want to know more about C.K?  Here are some insights:

Q: When did you guys start this series of seminars and how many people have you trained since then?

CK: We started Asia Charts in 2006 with an unusual mission: to share what REAL trading is all about. We have since trained about 8,000 traders / investors. People say it’s an impressive figure because that works out to about 1,000 a year on average. We must be doing something right and delivering value for money.

Q: I suppose you have received glowing testimonials. Can you share a few?

CK: As follows:
 asiacharts client1.17

Hi CK,

Thanks for doing the debrief videos weekly as well as conducting the market debrief on Tuesdays n Wednesdays! My friend and I have definitely improved by a lot through all these sessions after attending the full course in December!

The course has definitely helped me a lot and in just January, my ROI is 30% of my capital!! I really cannot believe it. Looking forward to learn more from you as well as from the mentors and seniors at Asia charts!

Wish everyone to having a great year ahead!


asiacharts client1.17b

Hi guys, just wanted to show my appreciation for CK and his team!

My story so far...
After trying all sorts of trading/investing "methods" from books and the internet with little success, I decided to attend CK SR course in 2013. It was the course that provided me the proper foundation for trading. Although I have attended other courses by other trainers elsewhere, CK is the only one that provides such a good support after the course. You are not left alone to fend for yourself. The weekly videos certainly help to reinforce the concepts taught. Kudos to his dedication all these years.

I have been trading the SR swing ever since but with slight modifications along the way to suit my style and different markets. The best part of all is that I recently got hired as a trainee trader with a prop firm and I am still using certain concepts taught by CK like price action, capital allocation and the proper way to pyramid a winning trade.

Really grateful to CK and his team. Thank you.

PS. If you are hoping to profit from day 1, this is not for you. There is a steep learning curve and trading is a journey. There is always something new to learn. 


asiacharts client1.17c

Finally, a teacher that teaches how to enter and exit from trading.

Something not taught at other training centres.

Well conducted with hilarious examples!

Keep you engaged.


C.K: '"I focus on trading growth stocks that have potential for big gains..." 

Q: CK, please tell us something about yourself.

CK: I am a co-founder of Asia Charts Pte Ltd., its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Trainer. I'm an active trader in the equities and derivatives markets, a practitioner of technical analysis and have been actively trading since 1993 in the Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and US markets.

I focus on trading growth stocks that have potential for big gains and use derivative instruments like options and warrants for magnified returns. By the way, I am also an active trader of the forex and futures markets.

In my 23 years of trading experience, I have developed trading systems and methods for medium and short term (both swing and intra-day) trading. I'm a widely recognized analyst and trainer in technical analysis.

Q: Honestly, does one become a successful trader right after the workshop?

CK:  Just like any profession, successful trading is about acquiring knowledge and skill and more importantly having a proper mindset and discipline.

It is important that students commit time to internalize the knowledge acquired and put it into practice. Finally, it is only through actual trading that one becomes good in the craft.

I would emphasise that trading is not a get-rich quick scheme. You get rich because you practice diligently and you learn the right tricks and techniques. It is not possible to do well without effort and commitment.

Successful trading entails having a good understanding of the market dynamics and approaching it with a sound trading methodology.

Q: What support do you provide to enable people to keep learning and making more trading money?

CK: We provide a wide-ranging scope of support. To begin with, we offer online forum support, so our students just need to post questions and we will answer online. In addition, we have monthly follow-up coaching. This is augmented with a weekly debrief video. (Asia Charts is the only educator that provides weekly video coaching in Singapore in the past 8 years). Our clients can also arrange for one-to-one coaching with one of our mentors.


coaching_1CK providing weekly mentoring and monthly follow-up coaching. 

Q: Do you guys trade outside of work?

CK: We have been active traders for the past 18 years.  Most of what we do revolve around trading. Conducting seminars and workshops was really incidental. With a larger student base now, we are committing more resources and enlisting professional help in our business operation to grow Asia Charts even further.

Q: What three things differentiate your workshop from others?

CK: Firstly, a firm that REALLY Shares.


coaching_2CK doesn't promise get-rich-quick schemes nor any 'sure thing' in trading. 

We pride ourselves in sharing what REAL trading is all about and not to give in to competition in the market by promising quick tips, get-rich quick schemes or the “sure thing” in trading / investing. This is reflected in the way we conduct our workshop and we ensure that our clients get the value they deserved.

2. Students’ interests come first.

Asia Charts takes on the social obligation of ensuring that our participants are suitable for our programmes. We have turned away students whom we viewed as “unsuitable”. Though it does not appear to make business sense for us, we firmly believe we have an obligation to advise at-risk prospects to abstain from trading, eg. prospects who are bankrupt or who wish to trade to get out of debts, etc. They are too weak psychologically to consider such undertaking.

3. Unparallelled Customer Support

As I have mentioned earlier, we provide a suite of support to suit the need of our programme participants. This ranges from on-line forum support, monthly follow-up coaching. We also provide a weekly coaching video for self-directed learner. Our clients can also arrange for one-to-one coaching with one of our mentors.


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