The Big Guns: OMAS Chief Executive Werner Schuppisser (left) alongside Special Olympics Global Ambassador and legendary NBA star Yao Ming and his wife Ye Li.  Photo: Aries Consulting
A Higher Cause: Former Houston Rockets star Yao Ming (back row) towers above executives from OMAS and Ming Fung Jewellery, celebrities and special guests at the Special Olympics 2012 Unity Fundraising Gala Dinner this week in Shanghai.  Photo: Aries Consulting
Popular Hong Kong film actress Irene Wan wearing OMAS LA SCALA jewellery.
Photo: Aries Consulting

WORLD-CLASS LUXURY jewellery products designer and manufacturer Ming Fung Jewellery Group Ltd (HK: 860) sponsored a successful “Special Olympics 2012 Unity Fundraising Gala Dinner” this week through its self-owned brand “Omas International S.A.” at the Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai.

Several celebrities who care deeply about the Special Olympics participated in the event including former NBA star and Special Olympics Global Ambassador Yao Ming and his wife Ye Li.

Also representing the world of sports were Special Olympics Global Ambassador and famous TV program hostess Yang Lan and Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Gold Medalist Yang Yang.

The entertainment world was represented by Best Actress of International Film Awards Kara Wai and popular Hong Kong film actress Irene Wan.

“We are delighted to collaborate with all the world-renowned brand names in such a meaningful event. This event will boost the morale of all the athletes who join the 2013 PyeongChang Special Olympics World Winter Games,” said Wong Chi Ming, Executive Chairman of Ming Fung Jewellery.

Ming Fung, being an active participant in charitable activities across China, places priority on corporate social responsibility (CSR), Mr. Wong added.


At 2.29 meters, Yao Ming (left) stands out in a crowd. Best Actress of International Film Awards Kara Wai (upper right) helps the Special Olympics to auction OMAS-sponsored jewelry. Hong Kong actress Irene Wan takes a few interviews.  Photos: Aries, Ming Fung, Aries

“OMAS, as an internationally renowned luxury jewellery brand, will also make an impact and use its influence to contribute in its own way to the charity sector in China.”

The Special Olympics is an international event bringing attention to the needs and interests of the two hundred million mentally challenged people around the world.

It was established to provide year-round sports training and athletic competitions in a variety of Olympic sports for people with intellectual disabilities.

OMAS Chief Executive Werner Schuppisser helps get the charity auction of OMAS jewelry started off to benefit the Special Olympics.  Photo: Aries Consulting


Famous TV program hostess Yang Lan wearing her newly purchased OMAS Gocce Del Paradiso Due.  Photo: Ming Fung Jewellery


Actress Irene Wan struts her stuff, resplendent with an OMAS LA SCALA set jewelry piece. Photo: Ming Fung Jewellery

This provides them opportunities to develop physical fitness, enhances their ability to more fully participate in society, boosts courage and provides personal pride and joy.

Their lives are further enriched in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympians and the broader community.

NBA legend Yao Ming and his lovely wife Ye Li pose for photos at the OMAS-sponsored event. Photo: Ming Fung Jewellery

The Special Olympics 2012 Unity Fundraising Gala Dinner marked the first public showing of OMAS International S.A. since its acquisition by Ming Fung Jewellery in April 2012.

OMAS was among other luxury brands including Salvatore Ferragamo and Stefano Ricci to participate in this highly publicized event.

OMAS Chief Executive Werner Schuppisser said: “OMAS is the premier luxury jewellery brand from Italy enjoying fame from its continuous pursuit of perfection and superb craftsmanship.

Terence Wong of Aries Consulting (left) along with Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Gold Medalist Yang Yang, a special guest-athlete of the OMAS-sponsored event.  Photo: Aries Consulting

“Similar to the spirit of the Olympic Games, OMAS has endured the passage of history and time, with love, passion and success. We wish for OMAS to contribute to the development of the Special Olympics around the world."

Founded by Mr. Jeffry Wong in 1989, Ming Fung Jewellery Group Ltd (HK: 860) has been supplying leading distributors in the US and Europe with high quality diamond jewellery. Ming Fung established its manufacturing facilities in Shunde City of Guangdong Province where there is an abundant supply of top jewellery craftsmen. Mr. Wong's background as a diamond trader has blessed him with the knowledge to source top quality polished diamonds which he combines with the low cost manufacturing environment in China to bring a compelling solution to buyers in the US and Europe. Through national distributors, Ming Fung's products can be found in renowned retailers across the US and Europe.

Ming Fung is a world-class designer and manufacturer of high-end jewellery products. Using diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and opals, Ming Fung creates a dazzling array of gem-set jewellery items, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, bangles and buckles. Popular precious metal items in gold, silver and brass complete the range. Guided by an astute management team with extensive accumulated experience in the jewellery industry, Ming Fung has been designing and creating stylish and attractively-priced jewellery for a rapidly growing customer base around the world since 1989.


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