grubGrub is a cafe away from town that serves hearty fare cooked with natural ingredients, without MSG, artificial preservatives, additives or flavorings.


Photos by Swee of Make Your Calories Count

After a tiring work week, all we want for the weekend is to enjoy some peace and good food without having to hustle for it. Nestled right in the middle of Bishan Park, Grub was undoubtedly on our list for weekend brunch especially when we've enjoyed our visit to Whisk and Paddle for some scenic quiet brunch!

The rainy weather recently made it a perfect spot, allowing us to indulge in our brunch affair without sweating all over. There are both outdoor and indoor seating available, and thankfully when we'd reached at about 1plus, there were a few empty tables left hence we didn't have to wait at all! 

grub_topshot churros

grub_quesadilla Pork Quesadilla - cheddar, mozzarella, pork ragu with jalapeño sauce | S$8/++

The Pork Quesadilla serving size was appropriate as an appetiser, though its cheesy pork filling was quite heavy. We thought the tortilla wrap could have been toasted a while more for that crisp touch.

grub_breakfast GRUB Breakfast Set with a coffee/tea/homemade or canned drink | S$15/++

The Grub Breakfast Set includes grilled focaccia, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, choice of chicken cheese/garlic thyme pork sausage, and a side salad. They have gotten the basics of big breakfast sets right with all the components in a typical set. One peeve was that the focaccia could have been lightly toasted to complement the scrambled eggs and we preferred our scrambled eggs to be creamier and more buttery.

grub_fishCrispy Fish Burger - crumbled fish fillet with remoulade | S$14/++

Unique in its presentation with a much larger fillet compared to the buns, this was plain old comfort food. It was a fond reminder of fish fingers that we used to have in our childhood days, and though we would have preferred a fresher version of fillet used, the price tag was easily justified and helps satisfy your cravings for some good ol' simple food!

grub_churrosChurros with dark chocolate & tangy crème anglaise | S$9/++
If there's just one thing you want to try from Grub, this would be it.

It hit all the right notes with crisp shell dusted with sugar to satisfy that sweet tooth of ours and was so good even on its own!

The only drawback was the chocolate sauce that was a tad watered down and lacked the strong chocolate flavour in it.

grub_settingOutdoor seating

grub_exterior 1Chilling along the lake!

Overall ambience was a relaxing one, and we're pretty glad that the hype has died down, though there's still a steady crowd streaming in. At least there isn't a crazy snaking queue just for brunch. We liked that food was priced affordably and decent tasting, and it wasn't too crowded even on a weekend. Service staffs were also very attentive to our needs and knew their menu well enough to make the right recommendations, making ordering a breeze for fickle-minded people like us!

Overall Verdict: 7.5/10

510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Bishan Park
Tel: (+65) 6459 5743

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