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Main reference: a Chinese-language piece in Sinafinance

"CHINA'S LADY BUFFETT," mainland Chinese investor Liu Yang's alter ego, is a high-stakes and high-profile presence in the Hong Kong shares market.

So how has she been negotiating the slumping A-share market and the much more robust bourse in Hong Kong this year?

As per usual, investors look for successful peers and often follow their moves lock, stock and barrel.

Liu Yang and her sharebuying behaviors are no exception.

Recently, it has been revealed that in Hong Kong’s gradually rising capital market – unlike the decidedly bearish bourse in Mainland China – “China’s Lady Buffett” has put some 230 million yuan into a handful of key counters.

The Atlantis Investment Management firm at which she serves as chairperson has done significant trading into these stocks:

Heavy buying into alcohol distributor Silver Base Group Holdings Ltd (HK: 886), and complete selloffs of Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Company Ltd (HK: 1066) and beauty mask play Magic Holdings International Ltd (HK: 1633) along with two other long-held shares by Atlantis.

Around three weeks ago, Liu Yang threw some 140 million yuan to chase 45 million shares, representing a significant increase in portfolio outlay.

But shortly following the move, she sold off around 81.1 million shares of satellite communication firm China All Access Holdings Ltd (HK: 633) for some 130 million yuan – significantly less than the 150 million yuan she originally paid for the shares.

Liu Yang sold off a significant holding in beauty products firm Magic Holdings.  Photo: Magic

Following the selloff, Liu’s stake in China All Access shrunk to 5.71% from 12.4%.

“China’s Lady Buffett” also sold off significant shareholders in brokerage firm Cinda International Holdings (HK: 111) and construction material play Baoye Group Company (HK: 2355).

Many investors new to the Hong Kong market – or unfamiliar with the superstar investors from Mainland China – may not put too much “stock” in the wisdom of mimicking the market moves of the movers and shakers in the bourse like Liu Yang.

But it is often useful and sometimes extremely profitable to follow in the footsteps of the fast and furious investors.

As long as you get in while the fishing’s good.

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