Sunningdale Technology - "Thoughts on the market".

23 Jan 2014 02:50 #18843 by lauef
why is insider selling??

Sunningdale Technology is one of 5 companies I mentioned in my post on "Thoughts on the market".

Reasons for my pick :

1. decent profits for the past 3 years

2012 - S$9,562,000

2011 - S$16,700,000 (before impairment .. see note)

2010 - S$18,900,000

(Note : 2011 company registered a loss of S$11,420,000
due mainly to impairment charges of S$23,700,000 and currency loss of S$4,400,000. Without the impairment charges n currency loss the company would have registered a profit of S$16,700,000.)

2. good profit trend in the last 3 quarters :

Jan - Mar '13 - S$2,313,000

April - June '13 - S#3,516,000

July to Sept '13 - S$3,796,000

Jan to Sept '13 - S$9,562,000.

(Note : the profits of the first 9 months of current financial year is almost equal to the whole of last year implying a huge improvement over last year)

3. expect good dividend payout.

the dividend payout ratio range from 28% to 94% in years when they are profitable. Last year payout was exceptionally high with a payout ratio of 94.5% which worked out to 1.2 cts per share giving a yield of 8.5% on current price of 14 cts.

a fairly good dividend can be expected this year as company has registered a profit of S$9.5 mil on it's 9 months result.

4. trading far below it's nta.

Nta 30.59 cts against current price of 14.1 cts as of date n time of posting.

5. massive restructuring

there is a massive restructuring going on in the company which i view positively and is likely to put the company into a more competitive position. Will deal with this later.

................ end for now ...............

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23 Jan 2014 04:53 #18844 by josephyeo
Hi Sana, won't be able to know if he will sell his deemed
interest as it involves other parties.
Personally i don't think so. Hope that's the case.

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23 Jan 2014 04:57 #18845 by josephyeo
Hi Lauef, i don't really know why insider selling. The only person who know is the one who sell. Maybe he thinks it's fair value, maybe he needs the money, maybe he just doesn't like to hold "looses" shares. Anyway, his shares were "gifts" from the company ... given to him free.

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23 Jan 2014 05:00 #18846 by josephyeo
I will be concerned if the major shareholders are selling.

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04 Feb 2014 14:24 #18975 by josephyeo
Hi all, just to share w you my last post on 28 Jan 2014 in case you missed it. Here goes ...

Dear friends in this forum, on the 21st dec 2013 I shared with you my views on the market under the topic "Thoughts on the market".

I mentioned that if the market stabilise in december the "bulls" will charge in in January 2014. In most years that was the case. And you see higher daily volumes and heavy "churning" on all kinds of stocks. This year, unfortunately the "bulls" appeared to be "tamed" and the heavy volumes that often characterises an exuberant market didn't happen. It seems that the market is more cautious n measured.

With the Dow being highly "unstable" n the PMI from China disappointing it is very difficult to see a meaningful "bull" for the time being. In view of such situation I would be very cautious in my investment n had in fact been taking profits.

I like to take this opportunity to thank many of you for your encouragement n kind words. I sincerely hope that you too have make some meaningful profits. This will be my last post for the time being. May post again if I see value or when the situation become clearer.

All the best to all of you. May you have a blessed Lunar New Year!

ps: below is a short recap on my post on the 5 counters on 21 st dec 2013. Price at time of post n today's closing (27 jan 2014) - - -

1. Sunningdale 13.9 - 15.9cts (high of 19.5 cts)

2. Excelpoint 8.9 - 9.2 cts (high of 9.6 cts)

3. Federal 2.8 - 5.4 cts (high of 6.4 cts)

4. Valuetronics 24.5 - 26.0 cts (high of 27.5 cts)

5. G. Invacom 19.6 - 27 cts (high of 27 cts)

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09 Feb 2014 22:15 - 09 Feb 2014 22:16 #19054 by zane
This is one stock pick of Joseph Yeo which has not rocketed up -- and stayed up or gone higher. Will it ever ?
Last edit: 09 Feb 2014 22:16 by zane.

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