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14 Mar 2013 03:20 - 15 Mar 2013 01:11 #13556 by niadmin
Posted on 13 March 2013 by Jason Wang regarding Fujian Zhenyun shares, in

"I am a full time value investor who moved to Singapore about a year ago. I used to invest HongKong in European markets where I can find some good Cigar butts. I am very happy to notice quite a few s-chip companies are selling very low in Singapore because of different reason. Thanks for your detailed minutes of the AGM. It is very informative. I plan do a more detailed research on those S-chip companies which show lots of cash on balance sheet and are selling well below net cash such as: Zhen Yun, ChangTian. I will visit there factories in China and talk to their suppliers and customers and employees, is there any advice you would like to give to me. Please send me email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I may not visit this website too often."
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15 Mar 2013 01:10 #13566 by niadmin
Posted by Alex on Thursday, 14 March 2013 regarding Duty Free International

"Garl and divads: I lock and load another 25 lots 0.425 today. Sold all at 0.48, 0.475. 4 days to Land Report. Huat Ah. Buy up for us 0.43 to show support?"

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16 Mar 2013 08:09 #13572 by niadmin
Posted by newbiestock on Friday, 15 March 2013, regarding ERATAT LIFESTYLE:

"If u look at Li Ning, xstep, adidas, nike or even lilanz, they got few thousands shops all over china. Eratat has 800 plus shops. Compared to the top big players, the volume is certainly nt there yet. Nevertheless, i think it is way too undervalued. Remain vested."

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17 Mar 2013 10:29 #13580 by niadmin
Posted by divads27 on Saturday, 16 March 2013 regarding DUTY FREE INTERNATIONAL in ..

"Financial mth is Feb. So it will not be reflected in coming financial statement Q4 2013 to be released next mth. It will however be reflected in Q1 2014 which will be out in July 2013. So we have to wait till July, Q1 2014 then we will know what they will do with the money. This completion is expected, so impact will not be felt immediately I think.

"Then we also need to know how much rental they are paying to operate from Zon Berjaya now. Is the rental too high to affect the profit margin?? Have to wait till July. In the meantime, usually in Q2 and Q3, share market will be bearish based on past trend (past few years).

"And Duty free has become illiquid recently as the amount of free float is getting lesser and lesser due to the share buyback. I will stay sideline at the moment. If market becomes bearish and couple with illiquidity of the share, I scared being trapped. But all along I like this share :). "

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19 Mar 2013 00:39 #13587 by niadmin
Posted by Alex on 17 March 2013 regarding DUTY FREE

"While I agree with Divads analysis, I believe that the company recent did a small buy back of shares at 0.4299 (102 lots), and they currently only bought back 1.04%, their mandate is 10%. i think should have support at least at 0.42 to 0.425. besides INDEPENDENT director bought 1 million warrants at 0.10, execution price 0.35, that makes it 0.45. So with land deal, latest share buyback (after break so long), director take up interest

--> I bought back 20 lots at 0.425 the other day. I queue to sell already, TP: 0.47. I already made a lot of profits, now second bite at cherry. wish me luck."

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22 Mar 2013 16:16 #13600 by niadmin
Posted by Sumer on Thursday, 21 March 2013 regarding ROWSLEY

"To me, at the moment Rowsley is a concept stock, and my maths was just crude calculations for its JB project, to help investors have a rough idea of potential earnings. I agree that based on value alone, I would not own this one, but with Bursa Iskandar stocks surging in the few past weeks, Rowsley does look sexy, but probably only to those who look beyond just value in their decision whether to own a stock or not. I will not put it in my bag of RNAV stocks, but perhaps it will appear in my wallet for small change."

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