With some tailwind at the start of the year, thanks to the US Fed, it's interesting to consider not just broker recommendations for 2024 but also ... The Business Times'.

Its selection of 10 stocks "to watch" -- all mid- or big-caps -- was put up by its journalists.

Ten journalists' names appear at the top of the page, so it's likely that each one contributed 1 stock pick.

BT 10stocks20242 Jan 2024


10 stocks to watch in 2024


Price (29 Dec 2023)

Year-to-date performance (29 Dec 2023)

Sabana Reit

40.5 c


17Live Group









Digital Core Reit



ST Engineering



Food Empire



Genting Singapore









The stock appear to be selected for their upside potential -- but there may be some exceptions.

Sabana Reit, for instance, seems to be chosen for its likelihood of generating lots of news headlines arising from corporate activity. 

The Business Times commentary:

"The Reit is in an uncertain situation, given that its existing manager has already been voted out, which raises questions on whether existing employees would stay on. It remains unclear what the future holds for Sabana Reit.

"Can the Reit actually internalise its manager, or would it have to find a new external manager? Would the outgoing Reit manager remain functional while this long process is being undertaken? One way or another, unitholders should get more clarity on the fate of Sabana Reit in 2024."

Of course, any news deemed positive by the market could lead to higher trading prices for the Reit. 

While other stocks had made some recovery in the months prior to The Business Times article, one stock that was notably down year-to-date (as of 29 Dec 2023) was Venture.

The Business Times article had some pointers for the company:

"Beyond promises of share buybacks and sustainable dividends, Venture may also need to tell a better growth story. Since the company’s restructuring in May 2023, its shares have shed some 13.1 per cent as at Dec 29. Investors will be looking for greater clarity on the company’s strategy from its newly installed dual chief executives." 

The full BT article is here (behind a paywall)

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