• We hear of online scams being commonplace and, at the extreme, they wipe out bank accounts, inflicting immense pain on the victims. 

• Below, to help increase your awareness of scams and how they might work, we republish a public post by Junia Tan on her Facebook page. It has been shared over 500 times.   

chicken scam10.23Scam advertisement

I was (almost) scammed!
Responded to this ad (above) because I thought it was a good dinner treat 🤩

Someone WA (whatsapped) me to confirm my order & I thought it interesting that they would give such 'personalised service' for something so cheap.. still.. continued the conversation because fried chicken was perfect for us! 👍

Person was smart. Confirmed my orders AND added 5 mashed potatoes plus 2 small boxes of nuggets. WOW! More value for my money.

🤩 What was 'good to have', was now an even better deal'! 😅
Gave me a link & asked for a deposit which I thought was fair. When payment didn't go through, I suspected something wasn't right but remember the additional freebies? 😅

On hindsight, it was to motivate me through the inconveniences...

Messaged me that their website was down & that I needed to download an app for my 'order no.'

Told him I wasn't keen to download an app cos of my limited storage space 😥

Assured me I could place an order & delete the app immediately after (which made sense). I just need to show the delivery guy my order.

I asked for other options - Paynow him the amount directly? He insisted the company needed an order no.
He offered to guide me on a short call. I obliged.

1) Allow WA settings in 1 slide
2) Allow phone settings in another slide.

"I used to think scammers would target older folks or 'uneducated people'. Spoke to a friend who shared she was cheated of 90% of her life savings through a trading platform tailored to look like a big bank. All it took was 3 days for an identity theft & a depleted bank account."
Heeded my intuition to check an app while we were on speaker. It flickered. Not normal.

I told him something seemed wrong but he brushed aside my concern & tried to keep me talking 😕

That raised the red alert for me. Tried to uninstall his app & could NOT! 😱

Looking at my phone, I could see my DBS & UOB apps flicker, with OTP request! 😱

I quickly swiped up both apps (to close them) & immediately ended the call with him. I figured that was probably why he was describing my order to me.

A stall tactic to keep me on my phone so that his Malware could actively open my apps! 😥
I called DBS immediately to block all transactions in the 1st min. Loving their efficiency! 👍

The 2nd call with OCBC took longer despite having a 'dedicated fraud/scam' line.

Out of the house in 8mins, I ran to the nearest mall to deal with the banks directly.

"I've been scammed" gave me priority service at DBS & UOB. Both proceeded to block all my accounts & ensured no money had been transferred out. DBS loaned me a phone to call my other banks because I didn't want to risk switching on my handphone while waiting for them to do their checks.

I bought time by switching off my hp earlier as I ran to the banks cos I figured they could not remotely control my phone if it was off! 😅

I knew time was of critical essence & in less than 30mins, I'd block any outgoing transactions from all my financial institutions & was relieved to find out no money had been transferred out. 😅

Reset my handphone at a shop immediately cos I wanted that malware out of my phone! Even the staff had an issue performing a HARD reset because my phone was flickering on & off! 😱

Figured the lost of pictures and inconveniences of reinstalling apps was a small price compared to my savings 😅
Went to the police station next because I wanted to help the police catch this syndicate. I had his WA number, their website and WA messages.

It's been a week since I saw this ad, so I can't imagine the number of people they've scammed! 😱

I used to think scammers would target older folks or 'uneducated people'. Spoke to a friend who shared she was cheated of 90% of her life savings through a trading platform tailored to look like a big bank. All it took was 3 days for an identity theft & a depleted bank account 😥

Falling for a chicken ad could've cost me my entire savings! 😓 I'm humbled by this experience.
It's NOT our intellect, I told my kids over dinner. When someone has a bad intention, they've premeditated the entire set-up till it's too late. Whether it's robbery, rape or any crime.

At the banks & police station, they told me there's been a huge increase in scams with many not reported.

Lessons learnt :
1) Beware the APPS you download (watch out for counterfeits too!)
2) Beware the WEBSITES you release information to (including job offers, hiring of helpers or trading platforms)
3) Beware the CALLS you answer

My heart stopped as I witnessed my bank apps automatically open in front of my eyes, YET, I knew I had to act even faster to prevent their bad intentions from being carried out.

A HUGE wake-up call as I realise scams have evolved. Their bait wasn't a 'get rich scheme'. Their lure was something so simple it hooked a mother trying to feed her kids dinner! 😥

That's how innocent they look! 😱

Reeling from shock at how 1 action gave strangers complete control over my hp still sends shivers up my spine. 😰 That I could see the apps they opened, and do NOTHING about it was chilling! 😥

Sophisticated digital crimes means we've got to level up as savvy public to expose & speak up against these syndicates. Feel free to share this so someone else knows how to protect themselves.

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