I HAVE A four-year-old Acer desktop that sometimes didn't surf the Web fast enough, making me wonder: What component is to blame? Can I just upgrade it? Or is it the lousy router? Or is it the distance from the router downstairs to my Acer upstairs?

By chance, I found www.speedtest.com.sg and it reported dismal results for my Acer: Download speed was 2.0Mb/s and upload speed, 0.5 Mb/s.

AP8.16Device can be mounted on a wall. Inside is the leading wi-fi technology of Powermatic, which is into product design and manufacturing and delivering superior OEM/ODM/JDM services in wireless communications. Recently, I went to the AGM of Singapore-listed company Powermatic Data Systems and, coincidentally, it circulated a flyer to attendees about a product it had developed which could improve one's wi-fi connectivity.

I paid more than cursory attention to it.

Powermatic, I knew, is a leader in sophisticated wi-fi connectivity solutions and has ongoing projects with some global corporate clients.

I spoke with Powermatic executive director Katherine Ang and, though some technicalities she spoke about defied my full understanding, I learnt that its product came with a special "pyramid antenna".

And I gathered that it is superior to alternatives that are available off-the-shelf in shopping malls, so I decided that I would get it.

♦ From 12.0 Mb/s and 9.0 Mb/s to →
speedlaptop8.16Screenshot from Lenovo laptop

A Powermatic engineer and a contractor, Jonathan Ho, configured and installed the devices in my home.

As my desktop was undergoing some servicing at a shop, I tested my new Lenovo laptop instead.

Its previous download speed was about 12 Mb/s and upload speed, 9 Mb/s.

With the new wi-fi connectivity, the speeds recorded were astoundingly fast: 75 Mbp/s and 71 Mbp/s, respectively.  

I can only say, I wish I had the good stuff a lot earlier. It is well worth the few hundred bucks I paid.

♦ Solution for you too ...
wifi weak8.16Poor wi-fi coverage could also be due to the quality of the router. 

(By the way, the product is not available in any retail outlet. It is available online for US$150 (about S$202) per unit, not including freight, configuration and installation fees, at the website of Powermatic's subsidiary, Compex, http://shop.compex.com.sg/)

extender8.16Powermatic's solution comes with pyramid antenna.


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#4 Jonathan Ho 2016-08-09 15:26
Chen has given very good examples of different wifi environments. The Powermatic Mesh AP is adaptable to these environments. Experiment may be needed to achieve an optimal placement of the AP.

Warm regards,

Powermatic Contractor
#3 Chen.S 2016-08-09 14:49
The solution by Powermatic looks interesting …

Wonder if it will perform as well in an apartment set up (with a crowded wifi spectrum) vs. in a landed property (with enough space to grow bananas). ;-)
#2 Jonathan Ho 2016-08-06 10:00
Hi Sengkang,

You can find out more on the product on the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EnhanceYourWiFiSG/

Maybe we arrange a time to go over your place to explain to you about the special "pyramid antenna" of the product which can give much wider wi-fi coverage, and also see what's the problem with the WiFi coverage at your house.

-- Powermatic contractor
#1 Sengkang 2016-08-06 07:57
I would like to find out more about the product.

My place is a 90sq m HDB flat, and i subscribe to 1Gbps fibre broadband from m1. The router is in the living room, and i have a Sineoji extender (PL500EW) to help with the wifi signal but it's not fantastic.


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