BestWorld productBest World is a leading direct seller of premium skincare, health supplements and wellness products, such as its best-selling DR's Secret skincare range. (Photo: Company)

BEST WORLD INTERNATIONAL has emerged as a top gainer on SGX in the past year (if  you exclude the 2,000% gain of ISR Capital which is under probe). 

At the beginning of 2016, Best World's stock price was 26.8c. At end-2016, it closed at $1.34, up a whopping 5 times. 

Its run is not over, according to Maybank and CIMB analysts. Their consensus target price is $2.185, translating into upside potential of 63%.

huang ban chin

“We are targeting to be among China's top 20 direct sellers in 3 to 5 years and Taiwan's top 5 by 2017.”

- Huang Ban Chin
Executive Director and COO
Best World International


China is the world's second largest direct-selling market, worth US$35.5 billion in 2015 and growing at 19% per annum.

In November, the Group secured a direct selling licence for Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang and the most populous city in the province.

The acceptance of Best World products has been gaining momentum in China. Before receiving the licence, revenue contribution from China through its export-agent model had been surging: it doubled to S$42.0 million (up 216.9%) year-on-year for 9MFY2016. This represents 30.2% of Group revenue.

Management believes that the transition from an export-agent model to a direct-selling business model in China, as well as having overcome initial regulatory hurdles for direct selling licenses for other PRC cities, will be reflected in its bottom line by FY2018.

The tables below show the top 20 gainers and losers of 2016. Top gainers with a PE ratio of less than 15 times are highlighted.

Top 20 Gainers Total Return Stock Price (end-2016) PE
BEST WORLD 416% $1.34 14.0
S I2I 196.8% 174c 4.3
CITYNEON 195.3% 94.5c 30.4
AEM HOLDINGS 195.3% 86c 4.7
SING MEDICAL GROUP 166.9% 43.5c 169.0
CHINA KANGDA FOOD 159.1% 28.5c -
JASPER INVESTMENT 137.5% 1.9c 726
CNMC GOLDMINE 136.8% 43.5c 8.5
TSH CORP 133.4% 2.8c -
CWG INTERNATIONAL 127.8% 16.4c -
MM2 ASIA 126.1% 45.5c 56.4
ALLIED TECH 120% 2.2c --
KODA 114.5% 82c 8.4
FOOD EMPIRE 114.3% 45c 19.6
800 SUPER 107.2% 96.5c 10.3
CHINA AVIATION 105.5% 140c 10.1
GSH CORP 104.4% 51c 157.3
CHINA FLEXIBLE 101.2% 75.5c -
Top 20 Losers Total Return Stock Price PE
SERRANO -96.9 0.2c -
SWEE HONG -92.9 0.9c 3.0
OKH GLOBAL -91.0 6c 3.2
KOYO INTERNATIONAL -83.9 5.9c 19.6
UNITED FOOD -81.5 2.8c -
A-SONIC AEROSPACE -81.1 17.3c -
INFORMATICS -80.0 15.2c -
STRATECH GROUP -78.0 8.8c -
USP GROUP -77.2 9.8c 0.8
NICO STEEL -76.7 1.4c -
DRAGON GROUP -75.4 1.4c -
MARCO POLO MARINE -75.2 5.2c -
TRANSCORP -75.2 3.3c -
MAGNUS ENERGY -75.0 0.1c -
MMP RESOURCES -75.0 0.3c -
FAR EAST GROUP -75.0 3.5c -
LERENO BIO-CHEM -71.4 2c -
LIONGOLD CORP -71.4 0.2c -
AUSGROUP -70.7 4.6c -
GAYLIN -69.8 12.4c -

The above total return data from Bloomberg includes capital adjustments and dividends over the year to 30 Dec 2016.

BT 2016 Gainers Losers optThe Business Times last Saturday published its version of top gainers some of whose figures are very incorrect.

The BT table (left) showed ISR Capital as the top gainer with 8,179% gain. But from 0.6 cent to 12.7 cents is actually about 2,000%. (The stock has been suspended since late Nov and is under a cloud ).

Eucon, to which BT ascribed a gain of about 430%, actually had a negative return of 7% (from 3 cents to 2.8 cents).

Did Blumont turn in a 512% gain? Nope, it was minus 33%. And Abundance International's gain was nowhere near as abundant as reported.

Share Prices

Counter NameLastChange
Best World1.5950.060
China Everbright0.450-
China New Town^0.0710.001
China Sunsine0.510-
Chip Eng Seng0.665-
CWG Intl^0.165-
$ CNMC Goldmine0.430-
Food Empire0.5700.030
Geo Energy Res0.220-
Golden Energy0.5050.005
$ GSS Energy0.0840.001
G Invacom0.155-
Hiap Hoe0.730-
$ ISOTeam0.415-
King Wan0.175-
Lian Beng0.460-
Regal Intl0.145-
$ Rex Intl0.069-
$ Resources Prima0.040-
Sunningdale Tech1.130-
Serial System^0.1390.003
Sino Grandness0.2700.010
Tiong Seng0.230-
$ Trendlines0.160-
Yamada Green Res0.480-
YZJ Shipbldg SGD0.8300.010
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