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ck_in_action_seminarCK Ee has regularly been invited by the Singapore Exchange to deliver keynote presentations where he shares his views on the markets. He has also conducted seminars and talks at leading financial and academic institutions.

Q: When did you guys start this series of seminars and how many people have you trained since then?

CK: We started Asia Charts in 2006 with an unusual mission: to share what REAL trading is all about. We have since trained about 5,000 traders / investors. People say it’s an impressive figure because that works out to about 1,000 a year on average. We must be doing something right and delivering value for money.

Q: Tell us about some interesting folks who have attended.

CK: a. Youngest student – Kendrick Lee


Kendrick_LeeKendrick Lee 

Our youngest student was Kendrick Lee, who attended our Sept 2009 programme when he was just 13 years old and studying at Hwa Chong Institution. He was enrolled by his father who was a graduate of our programme. His father had wanted him to start early so as to avoid the common mistakes made by most investors.


b.   Oldest student – Song Moh Ngai

He was 81 years old when he attended our workshop with his son. They are both active investors and wanted to further their learning. Father and son attended our Jul 2007 workshop.



Sean_RingSean Ring 

c.   Sean Ring – Financial Trainer, USA

Sean Ring stood out because he was a financially-sophisticated professional as he was a Financial Trainer for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program in Singapore. After completing our course in March 2011, he said he wished he was “taught all this 10 years ago.

"The workshop fills all the gaps that theoretical finance and arcane technical analysis books leave behind. Excellent! Really love it! ”

d. William Mok – Proprietary Trader

Like Sean Ring, William was no greenhorn in the financial markets as he had been a proprietary trader for 17 years before attending our workshop in March 2011.

“I have attended numerous trading workshops, but none is as comprehensive and practical as Asia Charts’. MUST ATTEND!”.



200leongszehianLeong Sze Hian 

f. Yet another financially sophisticated attendee was Leong Sze Hian – a Harvard alumnus, Wharton Fellow, Money Radio Host former Honorary Consul of Jamaica, and author of 4 books.

“I have seen hundreds of bankrupts who had invested without knowledge! Asia Charts’ workshop would have made a difference for them,”  said Sze Hian who attended our workshop in Mar 2011.


ck_in_action_workshopCK: 'I focus on trading growth stocks that have potential for big gains and use derivative instruments like options and warrants for magnified returns.' 

Q: CK, please tell us something about yourself.

CK: I am a co-founder of Asia Charts Pte Ltd., its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Trainer. I'm an active trader in the equities and derivatives markets, a practitioner of technical analysis and have been actively trading since 1993 in the Singapore, Malaysia and US markets.

I focus on trading growth stocks that have potential for big gains and use derivative instruments like options and warrants for magnified returns. By the way, I am also an active trader of the forex and futures markets.

In my 18 years of trading experience, I have developed dozens of trading systems and methods for medium and short term (both swing and intra-day) trading. I'm a widely recognized analyst and trainer in technical analysis and sought after by the media for my views and analysis.

Q: Honestly, does one become a successful trader right after the workshop?

CK:  Just like any profession, successful trading is about acquiring knowledge and skill and more importantly having a proper mindset and discipline.

It is important that students commit time to internalize the knowledge acquired and put it into practice. Finally, it is only through actual trading that one becomes good in the craft.

I would emphasise that trading is not a get-rich quick scheme. You get rich because you practice diligently and you learn the right tricks and techniques. It is not possible to do well without effort and commitment.

Successful trading entails having a good understanding of the market dynamics and approaching it with a sound trading methodology.

Q: What support do you provide to enable people to keep learning and making more trading money?

CK: We provide a wide-ranging scope of support. To begin with, we offer online forum support, so our students just need to post questions and we will answer online. In addition, we have weekly mentoring, and monthly follow-up coaching. We have put in place a Trader Hub in our office premises in Peninsula Plaza where students can trade “live”. We also provide briefings at the end of the day. This is augmented with a weekly debrief video. (Asia Charts is the only educator that provides weekly video coaching in Singapore).


coaching_1CK providing weekly mentoring and monthly follow-up coaching. 

Q: Do you guys trade outside of work?

CK: We have been active traders for the past 18 years.  Most of what we do revolve around trading. Conducting seminars and workshops was really incidental. With a larger student base now, we are committing more resources and enlisting professional help in our business operation to grow Asia Charts even further.

Q: What three things differentiate your workshop from others?

CK: Firstly, a firm that REALLY Shares.


coaching_2CK doesn't promise get-rich-quick schemes nor any 'sure thing' in trading. 

We pride ourselves in sharing what REAL trading is all about and not to give in to competition in the market by promising quick tips, get-rich quick schemes or the “sure thing” in trading / investing. This is reflected in the way we conduct our workshop and we ensure that our clients get the value they deserved.

2. Students’ interests come first.


Asia Charts takes on the social obligation of ensuring that our participants are suitable for our programmes. We have turned away students whom we viewed as “unsuitable”. Though it does not appear to make business sense for us, we firmly believe we have an obligation to advise at-risk prospects to abstain from trading, eg. prospects who are bankrupt or who wish to trade to get out of debts, etc. They are too weak psychologically to consider such undertaking.

3. Unparallelled Customer Support

As I have mentioned earlier, we provide a suite of support to suit the need of our programme participants. This ranges from on-line forum support, weekly mentoring session, monthly follow-up coaching. We also provide a weekly coaching video for self-directed learner.

A Traders Hub is also set up in our office to cater to active traders. Traders Hub operates daily with end-of-day debriefs.

it is noteworthy that Asia Charts is the only educator to provide a full-day trading hub and weekly coaching video.

In addition, students are allowed to re-attend the workshop at no charge. Regular seminars on relevant topics are also conducted for our students.

To register to attend a free seminar by CK Ee, click here for the Asia Charts website.

Many investors have given their strong endorsement of CK Ee's workshops, as the following sample demonstrate:



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