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11 Apr 2011 21:39 #5665 by cheongwee.
Replied by cheongwee. on topic Re:Jiutian Chemial
Hi yeh
You are right.
In fact, there are not absolute right or wrong in this world. Ask Lord Buddha, not i say that , he say so, so ask him.
Once there was a big bear which caught a very small fish, the  poor little fish beg him to let him free and come back in the future so when he is grown he can fill his big stomach.
But the bear said to the little fish,,,do u know why i am so big and strong? why? because i will never give up whatever small fortune i already have in my hand, in exchange for a long short.
that is for me, buy the trend, i dont long like value invester, they got confident like WB who live till 80. I will take as it come. The past is gone and dead, the future is a fantasy have yet to come. Alot of ppl greedy hold too long till profit become losses.
But i will cut when necessary and take when is enough. Because what so good if Sapphire is $5 ten year from now with me inside the columbarium urn. You say??
Hi Mac,
you are wrong again. 
It is not how young, but how lucky u can live to a ripe old age. like ppl say, will of god or heaven or what u call. Do you know everyday there are thousand of young ppl dying around the world?
Death know no age. So is the mkt. They dont care if u are so lucky so far. Just one mistake  is all you need to see you been laugh back by other people.
sometimes in life, you dont need to make mistake twice, you just make one mistake is enough. Ask Nick Leeson.
Ask those who are careless and dies in accident. They can tell you. So never be proud.
BUt if u still say and think so, then it have to be so, it can never be otherwise. Good luck to you.
I will buy my time till i am dead. Good luck to me.
may all of you be well and happy.

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11 Apr 2011 22:01 #5666 by TigerMel
Replied by TigerMel on topic Re:Re:Jiutian Chemial
Hi Mac, my greatest regret was not listening to experience people like you but stubbornly to pump monies into the clob international while others already escaped to their safe heavens. A painful event indeed for me to learn when I first started investing in the stock maket in my early 30's.

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02 May 2011 04:17 #5857 by Mel
Replied by Mel on topic Re:Jiutian Chemial
1Q still loss -making. WTF.

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13 Aug 2020 11:31 #25432 by Garak
in hibernation for so many years.
Now... time to rise!

Jiutian clocked in record quarterly net profit for 2Q2020 since listing in 2006

The Board of Directors of Jiutian Chemical Group Limited (“Jiutian”) is pleased to announce that the unaudited net profit for 2Q2020 came in at RMB 32.6 million, compared to a loss of RMB 7 million in the corresponding quarter of 2Q2019. This was also a significant jump from RMB 2.8 million profit reported in the preceding quarter of 1Q2020.

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20 Aug 2020 20:01 #25446 by Garak
Replied by Garak on topic Jiutian Chemial
The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Jiutian Chemical Group Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) would like to respond to the following queries raised by a shareholder on 19 August 2020 in relation to the Group operations (“Queries”) as follows:-

Query 1:
1) Given the high profit margin of DMF at the moment, why is the company unable to produce at 100% capacity? Page 9 of latest Q2 financial statements stated "capacity utilisation of the Anyang Jiutian DMF plant decreased from 75% to 56% "

Company’s response:
The 56% capacity utilisation rate refers to the average over the 3 months in 2Q2020 and that was in line with the demand situation at the beginning of the re-opening of the economic activities in China from the depth of COVID-19 pandemic. The utilisation rate has since been raised in response to the current demand of our products.

Query 2:
2) I read from an article "安阳九天 12万吨装置8.20停车检修,持续约20-25天." Is this true? If so, why would the company pick such a profitable time to be doing maintenance?

Company’s response:
This is related to annual maintenance at our wholly-owned subsidiary, Anyang Jiutian Fine Chemical Co., Ltd’s plant (the “Plant”). The purpose of annual maintenance is to ensure that the Plant can continue operating safely and efficiently. The timing of the annual maintenance for 2020 originally scheduled for 3Q2020 is still under consideration, and will be decided in
due course taking into consideration market conditions, plant efficiency and safety. Hence, the date of 20 August 2020 refered to in the article for our annual maintenance is not accurate.

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23 Aug 2020 14:25 - 23 Aug 2020 14:25 #25455 by Joes
Replied by Joes on topic Jiutian Chemial
i agree: "My opinion JIUTIAN as a china coy has been quite honest. Share price highly correlated to its earnings. Profit up or down clearly reflected on its share price past years. If upside factors unchanged (Q3 profit⬆️ , demand remain strong, DMF price keep rising), jt should be gd. nless this year they decide to cook their books then their is nothing we can do."
Last edit: 23 Aug 2020 14:25 by Joes.

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