Sinostar Pec

08 Dec 2016 11:28 #23424 by josephyeo
Find this company interesting, under-valued and neglected ... generally, outside the radar of most investors.

Below are some interesting datas about the company:

1. company has zero debt .. no debt.

2. company has a cash horde of S$95 mil

3. its captalised at S$76 mil based on current price of 11.8 cts

4. has been profitable in the last 9 quarters.

5. last financial year (2015) profit was S$8.1 mil

6. current year (2016) 9 month profit is S$14.3 mil. This is 76.5% higher than the whole of last year.

7. nta is 18.6 cts

8. p/e (price earning ratio) for 9 mths is 5.3. If current profit trend continue, the forward p/e would be less than 4

9. cash backing per share is 15.5 cts.

10. company declared a dividend of 0.5 cts per share

11. dividend yield is above 4%

12. recently major shareholder has been buying shares in the open market.

My view is .. this company is grossly under-valued. Its trading below its cash level, it has a dividend of above 4%,

major shareholder buying back shares, its trading below nta, has been profitable in the last 4 quarters, no debt,

management confident of ability to maintain outperformance.

Above for sharing only, not an encouragement to buy or sell. I am heavily vested.

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13 Dec 2016 10:53 #23445 by Garak
Thank you Joseph. The financials look great and this stock is really cheap. Just Hope this not going to be another of S-chip that burns a hole in our pockets somewhere down the road!.

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13 Dec 2016 15:13 #23447 by josephyeo
Hi Garak,

Yes there is a stigma on s-chip, but from my many years of investing, i noted that most scandalous s-chips were hot stocks before the scandal surfaced and normally within 5 years of listing. Sinopec was never a hot stock and have been listed since 2007 .. 10 years. So i am quite comfortable with it.

The major shareholder had bought back shares in the open market on 4 occasions this month. At current price it is still trading below its cash value of 15.5 cts per share. Company has no debt. Its profit for 9 mths current is S$14.3 mil. This implies a forward p/e of less than 4. To me, its still under valued.

Just sharing ...

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14 Dec 2016 18:18 #23450 by josephyeo
Hi Garak .. hope you are vested.
Price at 1st posting on 8th dec. - 11.8 cts
Today - 15.7 cts
Up 33%

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14 Dec 2016 20:50 #23451 by Garak
of course I jumped in... what a gem u have shared in this forum! more more pls

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26 Dec 2016 13:42 #23468 by pine
$0.13674 PER SHARE is the average price of the latest purchase by the subst. shareholder of 229,900 shares on Dec 23, 2016.

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Share Prices

Counter NameLastChange
$ Alliance Mineral0.3000.020
Best World2.5300.010
China Everbright0.460-
China Sunsine0.6150.015
Chip Eng Seng0.7350.005
CWG Intl^0.1720.001
Food Empire0.5850.005
Geo Energy Res0.3350.005
Golden Energy0.520-
$ GSS Energy0.177-
Hiap Hoe0.6950.025
$ ISOTeam0.395-
King Wan0.165-
Lian Beng0.530-
$ Rex Intl0.0650.001
$ Resources Prima0.0250.001
Sunningdale Tech1.7550.025
Serial System^0.1850.002
Sino Grandness0.230-
Tiong Seng0.255-
$ Trendlines0.1520.001
Yamada Green Res0.480-
YZJ Shipbldg SGD1.1350.030
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