CNMC - Gold Mining Company on SGX

08 Dec 2015 15:58 #22740 by Joes
Not fully appreciated by the market is the fact that CNMC is enjoying solid profit margins. People focusing on gold price having turned down after a great run between 2000-2012 --- but overlook the fact that CNMC makes something like 50% margin!

Sure, gold equity values everywhere have corrected sharply . This is a window of opportunity for CNMC as it harvests its Kelantan mine on low costs.

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09 Dec 2015 20:25 #22744 by Joes
0.18 c interim dividend coming! Up from 0.15 cent in 2014.

Small in absolute terms but cannot complain too much!

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08 Jan 2016 09:29 #22791 by SWN
Gold prices moving up. This company reported record production of gold for 2015, yet no one is interested in this stock. Very strange market!
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10 Feb 2016 17:09 #22850 by Mel
SWN, the share shot up 9.4% today to 21 cents when the market is in the red. I guess it's in anticipation of a solid result to be released on Feb23.

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11 Feb 2016 11:02 - 11 Feb 2016 13:54 #22854 by iCann
All the gold miners stock prices in the world has jumped from 20% to 50%.. Why?
Because the smart money are buying for:
1.geopolitcal risk
2.currency risk
3.stock market risk
4.flight to safety
5.negative interest rates risk
6.China is beefing up its gold reserves by selling its US treasuries at record level-the fear of USD collapse. USD is not backed by gold but oil. aka petrol-dollar
7.India is the second dominant buyer for the precious metal
8.refugees crisis price has broken the downward channel
10.finally, I am betting big on hyperinflation. The world is currently going thru deflation. The time will come when energy and commodity companies go belly up. Once that happens, there will be a huge shortage supply of the essentials which will ultimately send the prices going vertical.

Also, silver-a by-product of the company- has a huge demand/supply imbalance as its used for EVs, solar panels, transmission lines, and your mobile phones. Soon, it will rocket soon as a lot of silver miners has cut production due to low prices. You can google silver production to find out.

Stock is currently trading at 5x PE and 2.6% yield with no debt and net cash! The company has been increasing its dividends for the last 3 years.

Last call to buy before its too late. I am vested. Do your due diligence.
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12 Feb 2016 13:18 - 12 Feb 2016 13:26 #22855 by iCann
So what is the valuation?

The company has more than 500, 000 ounces of gold (disregard the other resources) and assuming a conservative selling price of US$1000/oz.(this is the price that major gold miners need to breakeven)

That is equivalent to about US$500,000,000 or US$500 million in revenue over the next few years.

The company generates about 47% of NET profit margin, so we use 40% conservely and we get US$200 million in net profits.

If we assume that the stock still trades at 5x net earnings, that will put the company at US$1 billion market cap. (5x$200m)

The company is now trading about S$100 million market cap (@0.24) which marks the company at 10x current price upside!

If the market starts to apprecIate the stock and trade at 10x pe (which is still conservative), that will value the company at US$2b market cap or US$5 PER SHARE!
Last edit: 12 Feb 2016 13:26 by iCann.

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AEM Holdings3.8700.030
Avi-Tech Electronics0.2800.005
Best World1.7900.030
Broadway Ind0.118-
China Sunsine0.405-
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Fortress Minerals0.330-
Geo Energy Res0.360-0.015
Golden Energy0.7850.005
GSS Energy0.0480.002
ISDN Holdings0.4150.010
IX Biopharma0.1270.001
Jiutian Chemical0.0820.004
KSH Holdings0.350-
Leader Env0.056-
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Meta Health0.025-
Nordic Group0.475-0.005
Oxley Holdings0.1500.001
REX International0.2400.005
Sinostar PEC0.1850.015
Southern Alliance Mining0.380-
Straco Corp.0.400-0.005
Sunpower Group0.2850.025
The Trendlines0.0930.005
Totm Technologies0.103-0.002
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