TYCOON SAM GOI is the executive chairman of GSH Corporation and, for some years already, by far it largest shareholder.

He has taken to increase his holding in the past 4 weeks (see table).


GSH has been making progress as a property play. The latest move, executed last month (Aug), was its acquisition through a 51%-owned subsidiary of Equity Plaza in Raffles Place for S$550 million.

GSH held out big hopes for it, saying in June this year: "The Group intends to retrofit the 25-year old building to be on par with the top buildings in the area. The Group believes that the subsequent investment to upgrade the fa├žade and overall quality of the building will position the Group to realize substantial value from the acquisition in the near future."

Substantial value.... Shareholders can't wait for it to materialise. 

Still, it's early days for its property development projects. Thus, for 1H this year, the property segment incurred a net loss of S$3 million.

GSH's hospitality segment (ie, the Sutera Harbour Resort Group in Malaysia, which was acquired in March 2014) reported a net loss of S$1.2 million for 2Q this year.
GSH's legacy core business, the trading and distribution segment, suffered a net loss of S$0.2 million in 1H of this year. 

The company is in the midst of divesting the trading and distribution business to Serial System. (See: SERIAL SYSTEM: Acquisition of Achieva, GSH units to propel growth

When completed, it will become a pure property and hospital play -- and Sam Goi seems to like what he sees of the future of GSH.

Recent story: GSH CORP: Mah Bow Tan Ups Stake, Far East Is New Major Shareholder


0 #2 bryanyeo 2015-03-08 19:24
GSH is continuing his vision to be very successful in property sector. In the very short time frame, he bought Equity Plaza (Now is called GSH Plaza)

and is starting to commence the sales to public based on strata titles. Property business is about " timing" . It comes at the very right time when office property

sales in CBD are still performing well whereas other properties like private and HDB residence and industrial properties are still consolidating.

GSH other involvements in KL(one plot of prime land) and Sabah(two plots of lands) will be built and launched soon!

Lastly the share consolidation of 5 to ONE hopes to help GSH to be noticeable to investing public because technically the share price will be around

30 to 40 cents which is in the range of more ' buying and selling' activities.

I hope all the above actions will push GSH to higher share price that it truly command !!!
0 #1 Ms Emily K 2014-11-21 15:59
Notify me of follow -up on GSH Corp

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