DMX's Targeted Advertising has been highly anticipated by cable TV operators in China as it represents a new stream of advertising revenue. The digital media solutions provider recently secured two new contracts from China's cable TV operators for its Vison TA service.

IMAGINE CATCHING a video-on-demand of Dark Knight in the comfort of your home with your lovely wife.

At the first romance scene, your smartphone beeps an ad featuring celebrity heartthrob Wang Leehom. Wang shares with you the secret to his reign as the object of widespread female lust – it is none other than Procter and Gamble’s Head and Shoulders’ shampoo that keeps his hair silky and grime-free through his entire break dance jig in the commercial.

"China wants to convert its analog cable TV content to digital by 2015. In its transition, we are helping cable TV operators introduce interactive digital cable TV services that allows them to generate additional revenue from their subscription-based model," said CEO Jismyl Teo. Photo by Sim Kih

At the same time, your wife’s smartphone is served an ad of Taiwanese model and actress Lin Chi-ling touting Procter and Gamble’s Pantene shampoo for its unparalleled ability to change any lady’s frizzled mop into lustrous tresses.

Welcome to the latest technology for advertisers doled out by network infrastructure and digital media solutions provider, DMX Technologies.

Both ads were served because the TV was tuned into the Dark Knight video.

”Our platform analyzes the audio track or program captions and subtitles from live streams and information from social media to push out ads,” said Samson Cheng, DMX’s regional director of digital media who presented and demonstrated its Content Discovery Platform and Behavioral Targeted Advertising at a media conference yesterday.

DMX has patented technology to recognize the identity of the TV viewer by pairing their personal devices such as smartphones and tablets so long as its Bluetooth connectivity is switched on. Ads are then pushed to the personal device.

"Nowadays, nobody wants to browse through thousands of pages of content library to find what they want. They want to be fed content, and we do this through viewer identification and social network recommendations via Facebook or Twitter,” said Mr Cheng.

”Half of today’s advertising dollar is now considered wastage. Advertisers don't know where the money has gone,” he said.

With the help of DMX’s targeted advertising solutions, however, advertisers like Procter and Gamble are so happy they pay premium advertisement rates for the assurance of reaching the right audience.

"By helping operators serve the ad, we get ourselves into a favorable position where we can serve the ad ourselves. This is the market we are looking into now," said Samson Cheng. Photo by Sim Kih

DMX’s targeted advertising solutions recently enabled it to secure yet another two contracts from Jiangsu Broadcasting Television Network Corp (“Jiangsu Cable”) and Changsha Guoan Cable TV Network (“Changsha Cable TV”).

Jiangsu Cable is China’s largest and the world’s second largest cable TV network operator with over 14 million subscribers. Changsha Cable TV is the leading cable service provider in the Hunan province of China with over 450,000 subscribers.

”China’s mobile operators have already been using this technology from us for several years, but this is yet to be rolled out in the rest of Asia,” said CEO Jismyl Teo.

Known as Vision TA, DMX’s targeted advertising platform enables commercial advertisements to be accurately served to groups or individuals according to demographics, consumption habits and the advertiser’s campaign objectives.

Viewers can also interact with the advertisement to obtain more information, discount coupons or make direct contact with the advertiser.

It extends the commonly practiced ad-supported business model among new media operators to conventional cable TV and IPTV operators.

”Our Vision TA revenue management solutions allows operators to place advertisements anytime, anywhere, on any device, in any network and in any format to anybody,” said Mr Cheng.

For more information, see yesterday's media release by DMX.

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