• Its new proprietary product, VaVieTM Clean Wash Sanitize has been proven to have very strong antibacterial properties and superior cleaning capabilities, including killing bacteria and human coronavirus.

• To tap on the growth potential in the sanitiser and disinfectant industry as the demand for sanitisers and disinfectants is expected to increase.

Kuan Keng Mun9.20Kuan Keng Mun, Chief Operating Officer (Product) of Tritech Group, with VaVieTM CWS. Photo: Company

The share price of Tritech rose 23% post-lunch to 1.6 cents (+0.3 cent) after it announced a new venture.

Like ISDN Holdings earlier, Tritech Group has taken a step out of its core business to foray into the sanitiser and disinfectant industry. 

Stock price 

1.6 c

52-week range

1.0 – 4.5 c

Market cap

S$15.4 m

PE (ttm)


Dividend yield 




Shares outstanding

965 m

 Source: Yahoo!

Unlike ISDN which is marketing top-end German products (see ISDN: Completes 3-day pilot project to surface coat 130 buses), Tritech has developed a proprietary product, VaVieTM Clean Wash Sanitize (“CWS”).

It is targeting not just Singapore but also the China market where it has production facilities.

It said the product was created by 
leveraging on its established water and membrane technology and expertise.

Produced with purified water and food grade materials by using electrical ionization technology, VaVieTM CWS is an environment friendly, odourless, colourless, and alcohol-free cleaning solution with high alkalinity, said Tritech.

Notably, this product has been tested effective by Microchem Laboratory, 
USA in killing >99.99996% of bacteria and ≥ 99.90% of human coronaviruses after 15 seconds, said Tritech.

has been also proven to have strong antibacterial properties and superior cleaning capabilities in addition to its high efficacy in eliminating human coronaviruses. This sets it apart from other products available in the market, said Tritech.

In addition to killing bacteria and human coronavirus, it can be used to remove 
stubborn oil and dirt stains, sterilise surfaces and for washing fruit/vegetables, being a one-stop cleaning solution for households, said Tritech.

Besides, it has been included in National Environment Agency’s Interim List of Household 
Products/Cleaning Products Effective Against Coronavirus.

With its high degree of cleanliness, 
bactericidal and deodorising properties, CWS can also be used in the food processing industry and commercial buildings, said Tritech.

The sanitiser and disinfectant industry is among a handful of industries that have boomed during the pandemic.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration, USA 
has warned the public on the usage of dangerous alcohol-based hand sanitisers containing methanol, a toxic chemical, which when absorbed through the skin or ingested can lead to adverse consequences. (Source: Click here).

is non-alcohol based without any harmful chemicals.

Tritech has production facilities in Singapore and Qingdao (China) to address different geographical demand for the product.

production has started and Tritech expects this product to contribute revenue in this financial year ending 31 March 2021.

The product is targeted for sale to the retail, commercial and industrial markets.

Dr. Jeffrey Wang, Managing Director of Tritech, said, “The sanitiser and disinfectant industry has seen a large spike in growth due to coronavirus. This is not all one-time, it is a change in consumer behaviour and a social shift towards increased awareness about cleanliness. This presents a unique opportunity for the Group to diversify its product lines and expand its revenue streams. We look forward to improving the Group’s profitability.”

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